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Amazon Audible

Amazon Audible

Inaugurated in 1995, Audible is a seller and producer of spoken audio entertainment, information and educational programming on the internet. Today Audible allows the public to purchase digital audio books, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers and is also the world’s largest producer of downloadable audio books managed by its production arm, Audible Studios. To prevent unauthorized playback, audible content can only be exclusively accessed through special proprietary closed software which requires an Audible user name and a password.

Since becoming a subsidiary of Amazon, United States in 2008, Audible has seen a robust expansion within a span of 10 years and has established itself as United States’ largest audiobook producer and retailer.    Today Audible’s content comprises more than 200,000 audio programs from leading audio book publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers and business insight providers which are compatible with hundreds of audio players, PDAs, mobile phones and streaming media devices. The content is assorted with a miscellaneous range of genres as well as radio shows, speeches, interviews, stand up comedy and audio versions of periodicals such as The New York Times and the Wall Street journal.

In addition to the regular price charged for audio books, Audible also offers subscriptions with either credit or subscriber discount benefits. Certain content such as political speeches and government hearing can also be accessed free of charge. Once a customer has purchased a title on Audible, it is retained by the customer’s library and can be downloaded at any time or the customer may listen to the file directly from the website irrespective of whether the file has been downloaded before or not. The world leader in audio entertainment also launched Audible channels as late as in 2016 and allowed its prime users, the benefit of accessing audible channels for free.  The benefit allows prime users to listen to original audio series and handcrafted    playlists for every moment of their day and to hear gifted narrators bring stories to life with exclusive audio books chosen from Audible’s    unmatched selection for free. However the Audible Channels which initially rolled out in July are only available in the Audible app for iOS, Android and Windows 10, but is not available on Amazon’s own Fire tablets     causing disappointment to millions of Audible users. The users are hopeful that the seamless and integrated experience will be embedded to Amazon devices in the near future.

Claiming its consumers across the globe to have listened to over one billion hours of content during the year of 2017 alone, Audible continues to grow as the world’s premier audio entertainer producing over 10,000 titles a year and elevating itself as perhaps the largest employer of actors in New York city and the largest online hub for audio entertainment in the world.

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