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Things You Need to Know About Coffee

Benefits of Coffe
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Benefits of Coffee

Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is indeed a global phenomenon. People around the world have been consuming coffee from times and times again. The interesting feature of the coffee culture however is that, the brands of coffee purchased, the way in which coffee is brewed and even the times in which coffee is consumed vary from one country to the other.

Coffee addicts across nations consider coffee as an instant rejuvenator, an energizer and an integral part of a wholesome breakfast. It is a common sight in streets of Europe or USA to see early birds going to work or getting in to a bus whilst holding a coffee in their hands. In terms of choosing the daily dose of coffee intake, one would never run out of choices. Some of the most popular coffee brands in the world are Caribou, Dunkin Donuts, Kopi Luwak, Folger’s, Gloria Jeans, Green Mountain Roaster, Nescafe, Starbucks and Peet’s.

Top Coffee Brands

Most of these coffee brands have their own unique taste and smell which help them to be distinguished from one brand to the other. For an instance Green Mountain Roaster creates a mean cup of organic coffee by roasting Arabica beans to blend in a premier aroma and taste. The well-known brand is also favored by large number of coffee lovers over the globe through its commercial manufacturers such as Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Lavazza, Good Earth and Krispy Kreme.

Coffe Grinds

It is estimated worldwide that we drink more than 500 billion cups of coffee annually, with the United States coming in as the second largest importer of coffee beans, right after the European Union, which accounts for more than 40% of all the world’s coffee beans. Heavy coffee drinkers treat coffee not only as a beverage but as a daily lifestyle that plays a vital role in their hectic work schedules. More often than not, coffee is considered, a determining factor of whether one is a morning person or not. In comparison to un-caffeinated, caffeinated morning persons are bright eyed and walk a little faster in the early hours having a long left last night behind. They are already engaged in their day-to-day events which include checking mails, reading a newspaper or having a hearty conversation with a friend. In addition to being an energy booster and a revitalizer, coffee also entails many other health benefits. Research reveals that coffee can be an elixir of long life preventing the cause of many hazardous health diseases including type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s , heart diseases and even cancer.

While research indicating the potential health benefits of coffee is growing, not all cups of coffee are identical. For an instance, individuals who are concerned about their cholesterol levels should always opt for filtered coffee as opposed to coffee made in an espresso machine or a caffetiere. It is also no myth that coffee has a direct nexus with sleep and deprives an individual from having a peaceful night’s sleep which is mandatory for a prolonged healthy life.

If you are a coffee addict among billions of other coffee lovers around the world, it is always best to know the many benefits of this unique beverage along with its potential health risks. Always be prudent to choose your coffee wisely before you make it another superfood in your daily diet.

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