Sofia Became a Citizen in Saudi Arabia in October 2017

Facebook AI

Facebook AI

Sofia became a citizen in Saudi Arabia in October 2017. She was not just a citizen, but rather the first humanoid robot to receive citizenship in the world. Sofia in a fine example that unveils the advancement in artificial intelligence  and robotics in the world. Among many of the studies in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Facebook AI Research (FAIR) captured the public attention in the most recent months apart from Sofia by Hanson Robotics.

That was when two AI chat-bots at FAIR lab created their own language and began chatting with each other which could not be understood by humans. Facebook had to cease the AI experiment due to this bizarre activity on which they had no much control over.

It is scary to have AI that invents its own language that is comprehensible  only to them and communicate without any human input. Plus point of these sorts of languages is that they are very efficient and better than human languages. Google allows its Translate tool to create and use its own language .although it seems to be threatening to mankind it sure does show some advancement in artificial intelligence.

FIAR carries out many researches related to AI covering full spectrum of topics with the objective of creating net technologies to give people better ways of communication. Among many ongoing researches at FAIR labs, aiding Photo-sharing experience of people with visual impairments by incorporating computer generated descriptions into Facebook’s photo sharing feature is quite intriguing. Few other latest research publications by FAIR are Applied Machine Learning at Facebook, Learning Filter banks from Raw speech for Phone Recognition and Advances in Pre-Training Distributed Word Representations.

FAIR open sourced Detectron , a software system that implements state-of-the-art object detection algorithms on 22nd January 2018 with the aim of accelerating research across the world in advancing visual perception systems and other computer vision tasks like instance segmentation. Facebook also is working on using AI  to help predict when users may be suicidal as a mean to help solve public crisis of increased suicide rate in the recent years.

Facebook having billions of monthly active users , the involvement with FAIR in the use of AI in uplifting human communication  is worthwhile in analyzing human intelligence and creating useful AI engines that support the mankind.


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