Before Taking Ayurveda Medicine, You Should Know These Things

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Ayurveda is the most trending topic in the medical field. Marketing companies and People have made next level image about Ayurveda. Therefore today I have decided to discuss Pros and Cons in Ayurveda. People have too many expectations on Ayurveda. Yes, It can, But you have to walk in the correct path.

What is Ayurveda?

As we all know, in known history Ayurveda has born in Ancient India. Ayurveda word comes from Indian Language called Sanskrutha. Ayurveda word is a Combination of two words. It’s Ayur+Veda. Ayur means Longevity and Veda mean System/ Knowledge. So Simply We can say Ayurveda means, System of Longevity.

According to the Ayurveda, it has three categories called Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Usually, in western medicine, they are treating to the behaviors of disease. As an example, If you have High Blood Pressure Western Doctors treating it to reduce the blood pressure. Blood Pressure is a sign of another critical disease. It’s the Ayurvedic doctors thinking. They will try to treat that disease, not to the high blood Pressure. Then step by step your Blood pressure will decrease.

However, For all kind of medicines, they are using natural ingredients. Ayurvedic doctors have good knowledge of natural Chemistry.
If you planning to take Ayurvedic Medicine, You must consider these things,

• Be Aware of Marketing and Find proper Ayurvedic Doctor. ( This will be the most difficult thing)
• In Ayurvedic drugs include some natural Alcohol Percentage, be careful It will Damage to your liver
• Ayurvedic Medicine takes some time to recover.
• If you need to take Ayurvedic medicine, you have to travel India or Sri Lanka. (some of the medicine can’t find in other countries)
• Indian Ayurveda and Sri Lankan Ayurveda are two different methods
• Any Age Accepted
• Especially good for Othapatic issues
• If You are doing Ayurveda, you must follow the correct instruction.

So let’s talk about Sri Lankan Ayurvedic medicine,

What Do you know about Ravana?


Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Start from Ravana’s Grandfather. His Name is Pulathisi Rishi. They are the People, Who had Spiritual Powers. How they know this tree has this kind of power to this disease. Without any Laboratory test. They had Some Mind power to feel those things without any test. Sri Lankan’s have hidden history. It is another big topic. I will try to tell it in my next Article.

Sri Lankan Ayurvedic medicine (Ancient Hela Wedakama) is mostly different from Indian Medicine. They never use alcoholic things for treatments. This system has a big range of medicine, even for cancer. But Sam as the India, there are a lot of marketing in this field. So beware of those things and find the correct one. In Sri Lanka has Indian Ayurveda too. Sri Lankan Ayurveda Doctor can check your pulse and tell the issue in your body.

In Western Countries like USA, Canada, and Austrailia, there is a good demand for Ayurveda Products. Because of this demand, there are so many overpriced fake products. So before buying any product think twice.

Is this Sri Lankan or Indian Ayurvedic Products Safe?

Yes. If You can take the Treatments form Correct correct person, It will work. And also you must follow the instruction 100%. Keep in mind Ayurveda treatments take some time. But it will give 100% Impact more than the Western Medicine.

Some of the basic herbs are using in Ayurveda,


Cinnamon (Kurundu)

Ayurveda Herbs

Few Benefits of Cinnamon

– It may help to type 2 Diabetic
– Cinnamon can Lower your Bad Cholesterol (LDL)
– Cinnamon has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties
– It Can help treat the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
– It has anti-carcinogenic properties
– Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory Properties
– Cinnamon can help to manage PCOS

Drumstick (Murunga)

Few Benefits of Drumstick

– It is an Excellent Nutritional herb
– Extract Lower Serum Cholesterol
– Leaves help to control Diabatic
– Help to fight various type of cancers
– Good Energy boosting method
– Controls Wrinkles, fine lines, and Scars

Balipoovu (Pol Pala)

Pol Pala

Few Benefits of Balipoovu

– Treating kidney stones
– Antioxidant Properties
– Treats Asthma, Diarrhea

Bael Flower (Beli Mal)

Beli Mal

Few Benefits of Bael Flower

– Relieves Constipation
– Energy Booster
– Excellent for Skin Treatments
– Balance menstrual Irregularities

Pennywort (Gotu Kola)

Few Benefits of Pennywort

– Speeds Wound Healings
– Excellent for Depression
– Protects Gastrointestinal System

Indian sarsaparilla (Ira-musu)


Few Benefits of Indian sarsaparilla

– Help Blood Purification
– Improve Body Complexation
– Excellent for Urinary disease

Curry Leaves (Kara-pinch)

Few Benefits of Curry Leaves

– Protects the Liver
– Fight with Cancer
– Good for Cholesterol and Diabetics
– Great for Skin treatments

Coriander (Koththamalli)

Few Benefits of Coriander

– Have Antibacterial Properties
– has anti-inflammatory Properties
– Detoxifies the Body
– Reduce the Pimples and Improve your Skin


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