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The name “Dubai” was invented from “Daba”, which conveys the meaning a horde of locusts. In fact Dubai is considered as one of the richest nations in the world today due to the large oil resources within the country itself. Dubai is the biggest and the most populous city in United Arab Emirates with an area of 4,114 square kilometers, and is the second largest emirate in UAE after Abu Dhabi, and also known as the capital city of Emirate of Dubai, which is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. And the official language of Dubai is Arabic and English is regionally spoken by migrants and tourists from around the world. This country is remarkably well known for fascinating deserts, luxurious shopping malls and hotels, beautiful beaches, and massive constructions and millions of business visitors and tourists come to this country every year from around the world.

In early days Dubai was introduced as a fishing village, where around 6000 people lived there , fortunately by the year 1996 this country was able to discover  enormous oil resources. At present the population of this country has increased up to 3.052 million and it is the country for riches. Dubai is divided into different municipalities as Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Satwa, Karama, Bur Dubai, Deira, Emirates Hills and Arabian Ranches, Mirdiff, Jebel Ali and International City.

Dubai is the main business hub of Middleast and also a global city. This country is a globally developed country which has attracted tourists through huge constructions and tourists attractions such as Wild Wadi water park, The Dubai fountain, Dubai Marina, Dubai Mall, Dubai creek, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Palm Jumeirah, Mall of Emirates, Jumeirah beach, Dubai Museum, Dubai Autodrome, Bollywood parks in Dubai, Ibn Battuta Mall, LEGOLAND Dubai, Emirates Towers and Etihad Museum etc…

Burj Khalifa

There are hundreds of mind-blowing and exclusive attractions in Dubai. It doesn’t matter in which area that you are interested in enjoying, you will always find something exciting to have fun of. Just in case if you are interested in sports , I consider Dubai is the perfect destination since this country is well known to be the sports capital of the region hosting events in related to tennis, horse racing, golf, camel racing, boating and sailing and rugby. Dubai is presently a city with remarkable architecture and entertainment. The attractive Al Arab hotel found at the coastline of Jumeirah beach is the only hotel which offers a seven star service.

I think it’s even more exciting to know that the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa is also located in Dubai. And this building is 800 meters tall, and it has 160 floors, 57 elevators and 8 escalators, and also it contains more than 26,000 glass panels. And if anyone is interested in purchasing gold, make sure that you visit Gold Souk in Dubai, where 18 to 22 Karat gold jewelry are featured. Dubai’s economy is based on oil and fossil fuel. Even though the Dubai’s economy mainly had to rely on oil in the past, presently it is more diversified counting on trade, services, logistics, tourism and financial sectors. The most important fact about Dubai attracting job seekers and talented professionals from around the world is Tax free earning. This permits people to save money and send back to home without paying any taxes.

In Dubai culture is mainly based on Islamic traditions, but at present this country has an international, luxury lifestyle. Most people who travel Dubai come back with the dream of owning property and real estates from this deluxe country, whereas Dubai is considered to be one of the top real estate hubs of the world. There is no dress code for tourists, but the foreigners are warned to cover their shoulders as a respect outside the hotels. Since Dubai is an Islamic country anyone can hear the call to prayer during the day.

Dubai has a beautiful nature, with blue skies and sunshine throughout the year. Since Dubai is located in the northern desert belt, Dubai has a sub-tropical desert climate with hot, humid summer and mild winters. The climate turns out to be hot during the months between June and September whereas the cool climate falls in between December and March. There is very less rainfall in Dubai, but sometimes rainfall can occur during the cooler season. Dubai is situated on the banks of the Dubai Creek, it’s a natural inlet from the Gulf and it divides the city into the Deira district towards its north and Bur Dubai towards south. Dubai is coarsely at the sea level. This emirate of Dubai share the borders with Sultanate of Oman from southeast, Sharjah from northeast and Abu Dhabi from south. Dubai is divided into two cities as Dubai and Deira by the creek. And both of these cities have unique attractions. Architecture and Culture differ in these two cities from traditional Arab houses to modern towers and constructions done using steel and glass.

The next most interesting fact about Dubai is Desert Safari or Dune Bashing. Dune basing is the most commonly known adventure tour in Dubai. And this sport activity uses things such as Safari Jeeps, Quad Bikes, Sand boards and dune Buggies. Tourists can get the support from qualified and experienced desert drivers and they will take you on roller coaster rides over sand dunes.

Exchange of currencies for tourists has become an easy task at present in Dubai, because you can find money exchange companies all over in Dubai, almost in every city and village. All categories of credit cards such as Visa, American Express and Master cards are accepted by all the supermarkets and shopping malls and hotels in Dubai. Since Dubai is an Islamic based country all government and private sector departments and offices will be closed on Friday and Saturday. Shopping malls and supermarkets are open throughout the week but only on Friday they start businesses after afternoon prayers.

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