Top 10 Biggest Sporting Events in the World

Introduction : Top 10 Biggest Sporting Events in the World

Sports isn’t just an extracurricular activity, but it brings people together and makes nations proud. It’s a universal language of passion, thrill and brotherhood. We all have our favorite sport and there is nothing better than seeing your country’s team or your favorite team taking the trophy home. What makes life interesting for sports lovers all over the world are sporting events.  These events steal the attention of everyone in all parts of the globe.

Below are the Biggest Sporting Events spreading excitement and a worldwide obsession:

#1 - The Olympic Games

Inspired by the ancient Olympic games, the modern Olympic games is a prominent international sporting event featuring a range sporting categories, more than 200 nations and thousands of athletes from around the globe taking part in winter and summer sport competitions. Olympics are held every 4 years with a 2 year gap between summer and winter games, thus next Olympics, winter Olympic games will be held in 2022. The first modern Olympic games were held in 1896, Greece.

#2 - FIFA World Cup

One of the largest sporting events that unfolds passion worldwide is FIFA World Cup. The contestants of the event are senior men’s category of teams registered as members of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). With its opening tournament in 1930, the FIFA World Cup was held every 4 years except in 1946 and 1942 due to WWII. The qualification rounds are held in the preceding 3 years after a world cup to choose teams to play in the final.

#3 - ICC Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup, one of the world’s most watched sporting events consists of One Day International cricket organized by the International Cricket Council, with its inauguration tournament in England, 1975. Every four years, tournaments are held where millions of cricket fans make it their obsession rooting for their favorite team. The upcoming cricket world cup 2019 will be held from May to June 2019 open to all ICC members providing automatic qualification for highest ranking teams.

#4 - Rugby World Cup

A series of rugby tournaments with the world’s top international teams participating, held every fours from its commencement in 1987 is the Rugby World Cup. The Webb Ellis Cup is Awarded to the winners of the cup, named after William Webb Ellis. Rugby fans worldwide count days for the next after the end of a tournament, which brings in good news of rugby world cup 2019 planned in September 2019. The Governing body of the tournament is World Rugby.

#5 - The Masters Tournament, United States

A prominent championship tournament for professional golf is The Masters Tournament, held in the same venue, Augusta National Golf Club with games held in the first week of April, annually. The first tournament was held in 1985. What’s special about the Master’s Tournament is that it has a significantly smaller number of participants as only invitees take part. The origin of the tournament is the work of Bobby Jones who wanted a golf course after his retirement from golf.

#6 - Wimbledon, England

The most prestigious, the oldest and leading among famous sporting events is “The Championships, Wimbledon” which is also one of the four leading Grand Slam Tennis tournaments. The tournament consists of 5 main events: Gentlemen’s Singles and Doubles, Ladies Singles and Doubles and Mixed Doubles. For which there are also Junior events and invitational events. Since 1877, the tournament was held at the All England Club in Wimbledon and the game is played on grass courts.

#7 - IAAF World Championships

Organized by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), the IAAF World Championships is an athletic event taking place every 2 years after 1991, until which the event was held every 4 years. The foundation of the event was laid with the elimination of the 50km Men’s Walk event from the International Olympic Committee in 1976. By 2003, the tournament hosted over nearly 2000 athletes from 203 countries. By 2005, all women’s events were added to the tournament.

#8 - UEFA European Football Championship

UEFA European Champion aka, the Euros is a tournament deciding the continental champions of Europe with the participation of  senior men’s national teams; members of the Union of European Football Association (UEFA). The tournament is held every 4 years from its initiation in 1960. The idea for a European football tournament was introduced by Henri Delaunay in 1927, which was put to action in 1958 hence the Henri Delaunay Trophy is awarded to the champions of the Euros.

#9 - The National Basketball Association Finals, USA

The world renowned professional basketball league organized by the National Basketball Association is the NBA where 39 teams from USA and 1 team from Canada equaling to 30 teams compete for the trophy. Players participating in the NBA are the best paid basketball players in the word. This Basketball league initiated in New York, 1947 which developed to be one of the main events in major professional sports leagues in Canada and United States.

#10 - Austrian Grand Prix

Authorized by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, the Grand Prix is an auto race held in the years of 1964, 1970 to 1987 and 1997 to 2003, with its return to Formula One in 2014. The Austrian Grand Prix races were held in two airfields in southeastern Austria for 2 years until a race track was built in Österreichring, 1969. This race track was also used to the first Formula One race is 1970.