Top 10 Most Richest & Biggest Football Clubs (2019 List)

Introduction: Richest football Clubs in the World

The pillars of football being the most-watched sport are football clubs. Football fans make it a part of their lifestyle to support these clubs. Football clubs handle a billion-dollar industry which is easily seen when looking at top 10 richest football clubs 2019.

Certainly, the biggest clubs bring in the thrill and the satisfaction to meet with high expectations of fans worldwide. With the best players representing football clubs, they contribute to the beauty of football. 

#1 – Real Madrid

Real Madrid celebrated La Decimotercera

Based in Madrid, Real Madrid is a professional football club which earned its place in the top 10 richest football clubs 2019. Founded in 1902, Real Madrid gained its establishment as a major football club in the 1950s. As of 2018, the club has an estimated value of $4.1 billion. 

This is number one in the richest soccer clubs in the year 2018 with a yearly revenue of $837 million. Real Madrid is a founding member of Li Liga.

#2 – Manchester United

manchester united football club stadium

Nicknamed the “Red Devils”, Manchester United is the richest club in England. The club was originally named Newton Heath LYR Football club with its commencement in 1878. In 1902, the name of the club changed to Manchester United. This club showed impressive performances by winning 20 League titles, 5 League Cups and 12 FA Cups.

Manchester United is the richest club as of 2016-17. With a value of $3.45 billion, it was the most valuable football club in 2018.

#3 – Barcelona

FC Barcelona, aka Barça, is a Spanish football club based in Barcelona, Spain. It’s establishment dates back to 1899, led by a Joan Gamper. Barça has a record of winning 74 trophies inclusive of 26 La Liga, 3 Copa de la Liga and 30 Cope del Rey trophies. At an international level, FC Barcelona has 5 UEFA Champions League titles, 3 FIFA Club World Cup and 4 UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup. This club has the largest social media fan base.

#4 – Bayern Munich

The most successful football club in German football history is Bayern Munich, aka FC Bayern. Based in Munich, Bavaria, the club has won 19 national cups and 29 national titles. FC Bayern began with by the vision of 11 football players led by Franz John in 1900. This club has won one UEFA Cup, one FIFA Club World Cup, and also a European Cup Winner’s Cup. Bayern Munich club is one of the most successful international European Clubs.

#5 – Manchester City

Based in the city of Manchester, England, Manchester City has managed to secure its spot in the premier league without much trouble. Founded in 1880, the journey to reach this top spot has not been problem-free. The club hit a period of decline from 1997 to 1998 but they claimed their top spot again by 2002. Sponsored and financed by Abu Dhabi United Group, Manchester City remains one of the wealthiest football clubs today. 

#6 – Arsenal

The arsenal football club, London and has quickly become a staple in the major premier league. So far, Arsenal has won 13 league titles, 2 league cups, 13 FA Cups and a lot more! In fact, arsenal manages to hold a number of major records within the football community. Found in 1886, Arsenal is the first team that joined the football league from the South of England. The club was the third valuable in England 

#7 – Paris Saint - Germain

Unlike most famous football clubs, Paris Saint – Germain started its journey in Paris. With it’s establishment in 1970, they now play in Ligue 1, the highest position in French football. By 2010, Paris Saint – Germain became a huge and unstoppable force in European football. With a win of 37 honours, Paris Saint – Germain is the most successful French club in history. PSG is also able to claim the sixth highest revenue in all the football world. 

#8 – Chelsea

Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football club belongs to the most successful clubs in England and most valuable football clubs 2019. The club won more than 30 competitive honours including 8 FA Cups, 2 UEFA Europa Leagues and 5 League Cups. Chelsea is the only club in London to win the Champions League and one of the 5 clubs to win all three UEFA’s man competitions.

Chelsea is worth $2.06 billion and has a $477 million income in the 2017-18 season.

#9 – Liverpool

A top tier English professional football club, founded in 1892, which competes in the Premier League is Liverpool FC. The club scored 18 League titles, 6 European Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, 7 FA Cups and more. Liverpool has the 9th place in the richest soccer clubs and the 9th most valuable football club as of 2018, with a value of $1.944 billion. 

Liverpool has long-held rivalries with Everton and Manchester United.

#10 – Juventus

Juventus Football Club, aka Juve, is an Italian professional football club founded by a group of students in 1897. The richest sportsman in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays for Juventus FC. The club has 35 league titles, 8 Suppercoppa Italiana titles and Coppa Italia titles. At a national level, Juve has the largest fan base and a top fan base at an international level. Most of the players representing the Italian national team was provided by Juventus.