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You should try these Google Play store apps, to Manage Yourself

 Top Ten Republic - Google Play Store

Google Play Store,

Google Play Store is a Kind of supermarket with a lot of Choices. It’s like a Walmart. In Google Play Store, has so many fancy apps to download. In this Article, I hope to introduce some apps, that can help you to manage your self more than now. These all apps are free, just try these apps. It will help to improve your self in every area.


Snapseed - Google Play Store

Snapseed is a Complete professional Photo Edit Software developed by Google with 100,000,000 installs. This awesome app can open JPEG and Raw files too. It has 29 tools and filters to help you in every way, including Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective, etc. The special thing in Snapseed is, you can Save personal looks and apply them to new photos later. You can improve your Photo to the next level simply by using Tune Image tool within one minute. And the best thing is you can share edited photos directly through the Social Media. And also you can export edited photo as a new image. It goes to a new folder called Snapseed. See below photos has edited by using Snapseed tune Image tool. (Only Tune Image tool)

[foogallery id=”797″]

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Lumosity – Brain Training

Lumosity is a Kind of game to train your brain. Actually, Lumosity is Psychological Brain Training Program, Used by over 85 million people worldwide. It mainly focuses on your memory and attention. This program has real-time results. Lumosity program has 30+ Brain games. With our daily routines, everyone is doing the same works daily. Our Brain is working on the same range. Therefore some of the brain parts not use ages. The brain is similar to our Physical body. IF you are not doing workouts, it gets sucks. It will Happen to your brain too. A brain is a Machine. You should maintain and service it. So Lumosity is a Free Program and It will give a good Workout to the brain.


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30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

30 day - Google Playstore

30 Day Fitness Challenge is an awesome motivational app to do a workout at home. This App has designed by professional Fitness Coach with Scientifically proven methods. 30 days fitness challenge app can sync with google fit burn calorie data. If you can stick with the program, guaranteed you can have an amazing result. It has attractive features,

  • Training progress is Recording Automatically
  • Give a daily reminder to you
  • Provide Detailed Video Guides
  • 30 Day fitness challenge has included: 30-day abs challenge, 30-day full body challenge, and 30-day butt challenge
  • You can share with your friend on social media

Without proper guidance, your Workout at home dream is just a dream. If you need a result, you must follow a perfect guidance. 30 Day Fitness Challenge is the perfect solution for it.

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Remente – Self Improvement

Remente - Google Play Store

Remente is a one of my favorite App to improve my self. But the issue is, Remente is a Paid App. But your money worth it. Remente is helping you to be organized and Productive. As well as, you can set up your goals here and work on it through the App. Record the progress and analyze your Improvements. This App enables you to live a rich and healthy life with greater self-esteem, more self-worth and less stress and anxiety. Remente – Self Improvement App includes following tools,

  • Goal Setting Guide – this will help you to set up Achievable goals
  • Daily Planner – to do lists and Long-term goals as well as Action Plan
  • Life Assesment tool – Provide you a Self-assessment and report
  • Mood Journal – This will help you to Identify your moods according to your feelings
  • Collection of articles and Experts Gallery – You can follow these resources and make your Plan better

This app is not very expensive, just spend little money to improve your self. Actually, it will be a huge Investment in future.

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Daily Expenses 3

Daily Expenses - Top Ten

This App is a Personal Finance Management App that helps you to record all the Incomes and Expenses of the Month. If we don’t have proper records for our expenses, at the end of the month we don’t know what happens to our salary. If you need to be a success, you should know what happens to your each and every cents. This app is a Good and Simple Solution. In here you can generate perfect reports to analyze your behaviors. Daily Expenses 3 provides following features,

  • Can categorize your expenses and Incomes
  • You can edit and delete your records at anytime
  • Provides reports grouped by periods, along with balance period
  • Simply you can Schedule your Records
  • Backup Facility
  • Available translations: Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Ukrainian, Indonesian
  • Provides Daily, Weekly, BiWeekly, Monthly and Yearly reports
  • You are able to see the Summary of the Month
  • You are able to select your Currency format and date format, used in your country

Likewise, there are so many options to manage your Finance. Just try this app and be Manageable

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Aware – Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation app- Play Store

In the Above Apps, I have discussed few Apps that can help you to manage yourself. After brain workouts and all these stuff, your brain needs some break. As an Any Machine, your Brain needs a break too. Aware App is a perfect solution for it. It will help to meditation and mindfulness.

All we know at the end of the day how much are we stressed and tired. We can sleep and relax our body. But your mind does not relax 100% after a good sleep. That’s the main reason for tired wake ups. Most of the Psychiatrists recommend doing some meditations to relax your mind. As a workout, you need perfect guidance to take the maximum benefits. If you can Find a Buddhist monk, he can help you. But you can’t meet him every day. Aware is the Perfect solution for it. This App is not 100% free. But you can follow five levels free and feel the impact. After that, if you feel its worth, you can purchase.

The Aware app offers meditations for, – Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Depression, Happiness, Relationship, Patience, Focus, Creativity, Anger, Self-Esteem, Motivation, Acceptance, Pregnancy, Pain Management, Change, Kindness, Recovery. And also there are so many meditation options to change your behaviors and Habits like Smoking, Anxiety, etc. So download this app and first try the free levels, if you feel the impact then purchases.

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Find My Device

Find my Device

To do all above things, You need to keep your Smart Phone Safe. What happens if it misplaces or loss. You must Secure your data from other. This is the Perfect solution for it. Usually, this app comes with every Android device. But sometimes you don’t know the Purpose of this app. Find my device app design by Google. It has awesome options to keep your mobile and its data safe.

  • Locate your phone, tablet or watch – you can see your device on the Map
  • You can remotely Play a Sound until you find it
  • You can remotely log in to your device and erase, lock or Show a Message on your device

This App is totally free. Still, You don’t have this app, download it ASAP and keep your mobile safe.

Get it on Google Play Store

In Google Play Store there are so many useful apps. But people use only a few apps daily. I am suggesting just download those apps and try it once. You can feel the benefits of it.To make a perfect human, everyone should organize. These are the tools, help us to be organized.If you are Interested to read about Science and Technology, Read more our Sci-Tech Articles.

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