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Are you ready for Cyber Monday 2017 ?

Are you ready for Cyber Monday?, What is Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is on 27th November this year. It’s the Monday following the Thanksgiving day in U.S. Cyber Monday sale is the biggest online sale of the year. Online shoppers are already surfing the internet eagerly waiting for the Monday to arrive to get the best deals at the biggest discounts  of the year.

Cyber Monday History

“Cyber Monday” became popular in the recent years. It was originated due to more people continuing with their holiday shopping online at higher frequency and  for longer period after returning to work on Monday.  The term initially used in U.S in 2005 by, an online retailer shop that observed a substantial increase in online sales on Monday. The research findings showed that online shoppers were significantly active on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Thus, Cyber Monday became a trend that gives biggest discounts  by online retailers attracting many customers every year.


Ellen Davis coined the phrase "Cyber Monday"
Ellen Davis coined the phrase “Cyber Monday”

Cyber Monday is now celebrated as a tradition annually just as Black Friday. It is not only in  U.S, the trend has become popular in many other countries around the world including Germany, Canada and UK.

Cyber Monday sales are higher than Black Friday sales

While Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year Cyber Monday is the busiest online shopping day of the year. Being  the online equivalent of Black Friday, Cyber Monday gains more sales than Black Friday although it’s not a holiday. In 2016, 12% increase in online sales from 2015 was observed on Cyber Monday, totaling $3.45 billion in U.S. Since 2005,  online sales continued to grow increasing the popularity of online shopping  and making Cyber Monday one of the biggest online shopping days of the year in U.S.

Cyber Monday deals on amazon

Online shopping is easier and faster

One of the main reasons for higher online sales is the convenience of online shopping. As the Christmas shopping season begins the shops become busier and more crowded. For those who want to avoid crowds can do online shopping at fingertips. This is even much faster and easier with smartphones where one can carry the shop in their pocket and do shopping whenever they want. Comparing the prices and purchasing the best deal as soon as they announced is faster with your best online retailers open on your screen. In a recent research done at, it was found that 37% of consumers do their online shopping from work. After Thanksgiving holidays, consumers continue their shopping with online retailers from work places. It was also found that 53% of employees spend shopping in the internet at least for some time during their working hours.  

Purchase  your holiday gifts at surprisingly lower prices

Online retailers provide massive discounts,  promotions and many short lived offers that quickly gets most of their online deals over at the end of the day.  Bargains on electronic devices like TVs, phones,laptops, gaming devices are gaining more popularity at Amazon, Target,  and other online shops during the sale.  Almost every product is offered with exciting discounts  for 24 hours non stop. The online retailers begin to release their deals usually a week before the exciting day and people tend to keep their eyes glued to the screen finding the best deals.  Some online retailers start their sale on Sunday and keep the deals open all week following  Cyber Monday.

Make the best out of the sale

Before you hit the  checkout button, check the prices and discounts offered by other retailers for the same product and compare for the best deal. Sometimes the product had been sold at a much cheaper price in the past compared to the  discount offered in the Cyber sale.  Therefore keep in mind to check the previous prices at which the product was sold earlier.

Although the item is cheaper, sometimes the cost at the checkout will be quite surprisingly higher with the delivery cost added to it. To make sure that won’t happen to you, check the delivery cost in advance. One of the biggest frustrations that online shoppers face is having a slow internet connection and facing website crashes while they do their shopping. This is  often due to high website traffic caused by a large number of customers accessing the site at the same time. Keep the site open in more than one devices to avoid this inconvenience on the biggest sale day.

So get ready to shop Cyber Monday deals from the best retailers online from the comfort of your couch at home  and get the most popular and the most wanted electronics, clothing, toys and many more at the lowest price. Make your shopping experience far more exciting on Cyber Monday, 27th November this year.

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